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No simulation data during the dwelling time in ANSYS DED process

    • Yifan Tang

      Hello there,

      I am trying to simulate the DED process with dwelling time. The overall flow works well and the dwelling time also works. But when I checked the tabular data of one point in the geometry, no thermal data during the dwelling time exists. Is there any special setting to output the thermal data in this period?

      Hope for your responses.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee



      What is the plot you are showing – that looks like temp. data?


      I have not used the DED process, but if you follow these steps (transient thermal first), then the main output is temperature that is what a thermal system solves for so it is there.



      All the best



      • Yifan Tang

        Hello Erik,

        The data I showed is the temperature data. 

        I followed the tutorial for DED process, so I think the thermal transient function is sovled first. I believe the temperature data during the dwelling time should be somewhere, but it is not shown on the tabular.

        Thanks for your responses, I will check the link you provided.



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