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No smooth transition method present in the outline view compared to workflow view in fluent

    • atulsingh92

      After computing the volume region of a geometry, when I do want to scope the boundary layer at the walls, I cannot find the smooth transition option (v19R2) (this is in the outline view of the model tree).

      Why the absence of this feature here?

      I ask this becuase I have found that my boundary layers works for smooth transition of the "workflow" model tree, but not in any other 3 offset types. And I want to manually build a TUI script for the meshing which would be similar as that obtained via workflow. But it seems the two are different. Is that correct?


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Yes and no. The Workflow uses scripts to simplify the meshing process. If you're using the TUI you're using the full Fluent Meshing functionality: all commands are available but you'll need to find them. 

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