Discovery Import

Discovery Import

No subscription assigned to account, administration panel disappeared.


    • Michal Neumann


      One of our customer got ANSYS Discovery Standard subscription until 30.07.2020.
      However, from some time their license doesn't work, and yesterday disappeared administration panel on ASC account. 
      Now it looks that they don't have any license.

      Where could be a problem?

      Customer number: 1054810
      ASC mail:

      Thank you in advance.

    • Brian Bueno
      Ansys Employee

      Michal Neumann

      I've added him as an admin.  Please have him check the account again.

      • Michal Neumann

        Brian Bueno 

        Thank you, now licenses are visible.
        Admin add previous user again. 

        But user keeps getting the message that the license needs to be "refreshed".
        User account on discovery portal shows "unused".


    • enonay

      I have encountered the same problem.

      We have no administration panel.

      Customer Id : 35503

      • Naresh Patre
        Ansys Employee

        enonay I have made you the admin. YOu should now see the Administration tab for assigning subscriptions.

    • enonay

      Thank you a lot.

      This solves the problem.


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