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Discovery Import

No subscriptions assigned to Reinke


    • wolfgang.geist


      our customer Reinke has purchased an ANSYS Discovery Elements subscription. His Discovery Account is not listing subscriptions at all. We have no idea what happended at the customer site so that this message is sent when loggin in the account. Can you check and let me know how to recover. 

      Many thanks as we have to overcome the situation with temporary licenses to keep the customer working.

      Thanks and regards

      Wolfgang Geist

      General Manager




      ConWeb GmbH

      Herzog-Albrecht-Weg 10

      85551 Kirchheim b. München


      Tel: +49-(0)89-9037044

      Fax: +49-(0)89-9043650

      Mobil: +49-(0)172-8303886

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    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Ghost1246

      No administrator was assigned in our database which could have caused the issue. I assigned the Administrator rights to the email id mentioned in the image shared by you.

      Could you please check with the customer if he is able to view the admin tab and licenses in his account, now?

    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Ghost1246

      Is the issue resolved or does the customer still face an issue?

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