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No Symmetry Details

    • dimitri.hamelin

      Hello, I am doing simulation with a multi-body model using two plans of symmetry ( 2 symmetry regions with an X and Y normal vector respectively) so I have a quarter of my real system. I do first a thermal simulation to import the results into my static simulation and I would like to plot my real system using the symmetries . But when I click on "Symmetry" in my tree, I don't have the details with number of repetition, DeltaX, DeltaY,DeltaZ etc.

      How can I resolve it please ? Is it because I have two linked simulations ? Please refer to

      " rel="nofollow">
      at 11:36

      Thank you for your answers,


    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      In workbench> tools>options>appearance> tick "beta options". Have a look at
      " target="blank">
      Regards Ishan.
  • dimitri.hamelin
    Thank you so much !
    Have a great day !
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