No Timestep 0 when running transient simulation after steady state simulation

    • Chris1opher

      Dear all,


      I am simulating a reaction in a pipe.

      At first I run a steady-state simulation without the reaction so the flow and the temperature is already set.

      After the steady-state simulation I switch to transient mode and run the simulation with the reaction.

      I save the data after every timestep, but the timestep 0 ist not saved in the transient simulation.

      The first saved timestep is 1 when I look at the .dat files.

      I can export the solution after the steady state, but I need to create an animation.

      For that purpose I need to have the timestep 0 in the same data row as the other timesteps.

      Is there any possibility to get the timestep 0 when there is a transient simulation after a steady-state simulation?

      Kind regards

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      You could save manually immediately after switching to transient. 

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