No updates of parametric analysis

    • Raj007

      Hello guys,

      I am performing parametric analysis on my model to study the difference of the results with the change of parameters and boundary conditions.

      Unfortunately, the result is not changing even with the change of input values.

      I am attaching the picture, in which you can see that the last design point has a very high velocity when compared to the initial input. But, there is no update.

      Please help me out with this issue.

      Thank you


    • Karthik R
      Hello,nYou will need to give us some of the modeling details so we can help you answer this question better. What are you solving? What is your domain? What are your flow and heat transfer conditions? nAlso, have you opened the two Fluent runs and compared the velocity and temperature contours? Are they different or the same? If you have not done this yet, please do. This will help you understand what might be happening.nThank you.nKarthikn
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