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General Mechanical

Node displacement is too large

    • Hong-Yi Wu

      Hello, I'm trying to simulate a Voronoi honeycomb plate's static structual analysis, I setting the displacement control for top boundary and fixed support for bottom control, but my simulation occur the error "The value of UY at node 385110 is 1010041.81.  It is greater than the   
       current limit of 1000000 (which can be reset on the NCNV command).      
       This generally indicates rigid body motion as a result of an            
       unconstrained model.  Verify that your model is properly constrained."

      I have been refer another Voronoi honeycomb plate's simulation, it's not occur above error, the material of two simulations are same, I'm posting some pictures to represent the situation.

      Kindly help me out with this issue, thanks.

    • Rahul Kumbhar
      Ansys Employee

      It seems, you are not using substeps. Try using more substeps under analysis setting. Also try turn on 'Large Deflection'

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