Noise in impingement system

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      Hello everyone

      I am trying to find out how noisy my impingement system will be using the Acoustic function in ANSYS FLUENT. I used LES model with the fictional timestep to run the simulation as suggested in this tutorial. I was able to get the required results but now I need to model the system with sound insulation to the walls. How I can do that in ANSYS FLUENT?

      Any answer will be appreciated

    • Kalyan Goparaju
      Ansys Employee


      There is no direct way of doing this in Fluent. The workaround however is by changing the wall to a velocity inlet with 0 m/s velocity and by turning on the impedence boundary condition and providing the appopriate inputs. Please refer to the link below for more details on the impedence BC





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      Thanks Kaylan.

      I will look into the solution you suggested.

      Meanwhile, I have an additionalquestion. The first simulation I carried out included on the air part with walls BC kept as default. I received a SPL of around 140 dB. I carried a second simulation but imcluded the solid walls of my system. THe SPL dropped to 150 dB. Are these results accurate? Can ANSYS analyze sound reduction through solid walls?



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