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Non-Convergence of the model

    • JAG


      I am studying an adhesion model between galvanized steel and concrete. The model consists of a galvanized steel tube (internally filled with concrete) and a concrete cube.

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      There is a loss of stiffness ( -ve load deflection curve) post peak which results in convergence difficulties and thus artificial damping is used to stabilize the solution. Could you try increasing your artificial damping coefficient to 10-4 (or higher) and see if that helps. is a very interesting article on adhesive modelling using CZM. Do check out the model setup used along with this insightful article
      Regards Ishan.
    • JAG
      Hi First of all, thank you very much Mr. Shan for your prompt reply.
      At this moment I already have a post-peak response, however it is not the intended one and I would like your help
      What I tried to do was implement above commands ( in the tack contact zone simultaneously with the CZM).
      What happens next is that there is a post-peak response, but as seen in the graph (above images), it's still far from what I want. Can someone help me please? Thanks.
      Zoom window at the zone peak

      Thank you
      Best regards

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