Non-convergent geometry on fixed support

    • RubenA


      I am currently running a 2D Static Structural simulation, in which I am applying a compression pressure on the top of the geometry and fixing the bottom of it. I show below how the model results (A = pressure; B = fixed support; C = frictionless support (optional))


      The thing is that corners near to the fixed "face" (it's a line in 2D) get strongly deformated and the solution does not converge. I have also tried to run it on 3D with a thicker model and the output is the same. Here I show how these corners behave. What is normally done when you face this kind of problem on Ansys FEM studies?

       Here you can see an example (true scale and x20) of the solution output.


    • peteroznewman

      The corrective action is to create a second body that has a wider edge for the bottom of the part to press against using frictional contact. Pick the bottom line and the two quarter circles at the corners to be included in the contact definition on the contact side, and the wider edge on the second body to be on the target side of the contact. Move the Fixed Support to the wider edge of the second body.

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