Non- equilibrium model in porous media

    • masoudahmadi

      Hello all,

      I am trying to simulate a water vapor adsorption process by a solid desiccant in Fluent 2021 R1.

      The geometry is a simple 2-D channel. It has one entrance region (non-porous) and one exit region (non-porous) and the porous domain of solid desiccant between them.

      As you know, Fluent creates a new solid zone when the non-equilibrium model is activated.

      Now, my question is:

      For setting a source term in the species transport equation of the fluid region of the porous domain, I need to have access to the solid zone temperature. But since the UDF for the source term is hooked to the fluid region, it just loops in the threads which are for the fluid region and I do not know how to access the temperature of the solid threads (T=C_T(c,t) is the fluid temperature and not the solid temperature).

      I appreciate it if you could help me find the solution.



    • Karthik R
      As mentioned in the following post, this requires an undocumented macro and unfortunately, we will not be able to share it on the open forum platform. You may wish to contact the Ansys Support Coordinator of your institution and have them reach our Technical support. They may perhaps be able to help.
      Non-equilibrium porous media ÔÇö Ansys Learning Forum
      Thank you.
    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
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