Non-linear analysis convergence with materials having different Young’s Modulus

    • kaushal.21910939

      Hello everyone,

      I am trying to solve a non-linear problem with interaction of two different components having different material properties. 

      Material 1 has a Young's Modulus of 205 GPa and YS 645 MPa.
      Material 2 has a Young's Modulus of 190 GPa and YS 190 MPa.

      The solution conveges when Young's Modulus of both materials kept same but doesn't converge when it is kept different.

      I have tried reducing normal stiffness as well as applied contact interface treatment.

    • peteroznewman

      Under Analysis Settings, turn on Auto Time Stepping and set the Initial and Minimum number of Substeps to 100. Taking many small substeps is often a good method to help convergence if you have material nonlinearilty such as plasticity (or hypelasticity).

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