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General Mechanical

Non linear analysis simulation results contradictory

    • ces182129

      I am testing a new material composite beam under flexural 2 point loading. i am doing finite element non linear analysis. The non linearity considered are material non linearity and geometric non linearity. My solutions are getting converged. I am getting good stress strain curves in output. S/S curves clearly showing yield and post yield reduce in slope. However the output load displacement curves are not showing any signs of yield, no reduction of stiffness post yield. the L/d curves are showing up same stiffness throughout the load history.

      Please guide so that i can get accuracy in L/d curves. Your help is very much needed at this point of time as I have urgency in my project submission..

      Thanks in advance


    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee
      From which layer are you extracting the stress-vs-strain data? How significant is that layer to the overall stiffness of the composite? Could it be that the layer(s) that are carrying the primary load are still linear elastic? n
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