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Non Linear Contacts

    • Frank Astulle

      Hi everyone;

      I was simulating a liner located on a hopper. (view image).
      The idea is that the liner is supported on the hopper structure, so there would be a non-linear frictional contact between these elements.
      NOTE: The liner is not welded to the structure, it is a removable element, simply resting on the hopper.

      There are 2 pins, which contribute to the liner not falling off, however they are loose pins. Therefore these contacts would also be friction.

      In addition, the pins will be welded to the hopper structure.
      The problem that happens is that the non-linear contact that I put between the pins and the liner is ignored, even though I have modified the pinball region.

      How could I solve this problem

      Note: The attached image shows a coarse mesh, however I have refined the mesh and the same problem still occurs. Also for simplification I am placing a contact without friction.

      Thanking you for your support




    • Naldo Frasco

      Have you tried adding Joints (Revolute or Cylindrical) to your pin/wear-plate interface ?

    • peteroznewman

      Maybe what you are seeing is an artifact of an excessively large displacement display scale factor. Try plotting the results with the display scale factor set to True Scale (1.0).

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