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    • OguzhanA

      What does reduce, constant mean in the Stabilization option in non-linear controls? (similarities and differences)

      What happens if the energy dissipation and stabilization force limit is high? Need to get a certain value?

    • SaiD
      Ansys Employee


      For your first question: go through the material under "Stabilization"


      For your second question, if the energy dissipation ratio is high, the resultant stabilization force is high and hence will result in a stiffer response. We use these techniques (either energy dissipation factor or damping factor) to add a small numerical force to stabilize the simulation. This is not a physical force, but a numerical one. So ideally it should be as small as possible so that it doesn't change the physics of the problem. You can go through the material under "Controlling the Stabilization Force" to understand it further:


      Hope this helps,


    • OguzhanA

      Hi Sai ,thank you .



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