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Non linear optics simulations

    • Yotam Schatzberg

      I'm a student using HFSS - Ansys electromagnetic suite 18.2.0
      I'm trying to simulate a non linear response (like second freq generation)
      by applying a storng electric field on a narrow (1nm) strip of gold.
      If free elecrton vibration amplitue is larger than the cunductor width, then I should see a non linear effect.

      Can HFSS model this effect and show me the non linear frequency conversion?
      How can I display the power transfer from the base frequency to the second harmonic?



    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Yotam,

      Please let us know what is the frequency range of your simulation model to help us serve you better.

      We see that you have mentioned optics and FDTD in the question and tags respectively. Kindly provide more details about it.

      Best regards,

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