Non-zero Diffusive Flux Species B.C. at Wall

    • Wantedmania89

      Dear All,

      As you all know, the Species Transport model offers two options only when it comes to species concentration at walls; (1) zero diffusive flux, and (2) specified species mass fraction.

      I'm simulating a tracer gas (SF6) flow in the air inside an aircraft cabin using the Species Transport model and the RNG k-epsilon turbulence model. However, the original experimental case I'm following used particles instead of gas. I want to validate my simulation using the normalized concentration of the SF6 gas (conc./average conc.) against the same normalized concentration ratio for very small particle sizes (ranging from 0.8 to 3.0 microns in diameter) released in the experiment. 

      When I use the two set options for species (SF6) concentration at the wall mentioned above (with the specified mass fraction set to zero), they give me unsatisfactory agreement between the simulation and the experiment.

      So, my question is: can I implement a non-zero/negative diffusive flux B.C. for the SF6 at the cabin wall and seats (e.g. using UDF) to mimic the particles adhesion to those surfaces, and hopefully, get some better agreement?

      Hope that I made my case and question clear. Please, ask me any questions you may have in case you want clarifications.





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