Nondimensionalization and buoyancy

    • nathan cadot

      Hi. I am facing a little problem trying to solve some CF problems involving the sea state equation and nondimensionalization.

      In my system, I have salt (modelled by a user-defined scalar) and this salt as well as the temperature influence the density locally. I succeeded at doing this modelisation very well by putting my state equation in the density with a UDF.

      Now, I want to nondimensionalization the equation, so putting the density as well as most other parameters at 1. But this doing, I don't see how I can put the effect of the salt and temperature on buoyancy. In my equations (theoretically), I put some volume forces depending on S,T and the Rayleigh number but I can't figure out how to add those forces in Ansys Fluent.

      How could I resolve this issue?

      Thanks in advance

      Here are the equations (theoretical) I would want to have resolved in fluent. Ux is the derivative of the velocity, Ra is the rayleigh number and the forces I want to add Ras(S-1)+Rat(T-1).

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      You have access to source terms (cell zone panel) or if the domain isn't sealed just alter the fluid density. Why do you need to non-dimensionalise? The whole point of CFD is that you can do everything without needing to mess with material properties etc. 

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