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none linear buckling

    • thim

      Hey, I'm trying to do a none linear analysis of a plate buckling. I have gotten some guidence of my sivilingeneer brother of how I can do it, but when I'm setting a "static structure" into "eigenvalue buckling" the model often loses its assigment and will not let me solve it. 

      I tried several different geometries, surfaces and solid bodies. Sometimes it works.. others it do not. What can be wrong here...


    • Wenlong
      Ansys Employee


      This should be the process. Can you share a screenshot of the properties?



    • thim

      I to have mode 1, but scale to 5. 
      I have now changed so the engineering data is the same for all 3 boxes in A, and have plastic bilinear in structural steel.
      The funny thing is that in B I have different geometry and different engineering data for the first and last static structural, and I do not get any errors with assignment

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