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General Mechanical

Nonlinear cyclic analysis and hysteretic loop

    • Yaseen Sh


      In Ansys APDL. I have a plane 183 element with dimensions 100x50 m. Subjected to a harmonic displacement at three different edges (the left, right and the bottom). Theses edges are constrained in the vertical direction.
      The analysis type: Transient, with steps 0.02 
      Using a linear material, I have got a cyclic response (for point A for example). However when I use a nonlinear model (TB,BISO) the analysis stops (I have tried different models and I got the same). and I can not get any plastic strain as well
      I want to show the hysteretic loop for this problem.
      My questions:
      1.    Why the analysis stops when using the nonlinear material? and the strian is just elsastic?
      2.    How can I plot the hysteretic loops?



    • Bill Bulat
      Ansys Employee

      If you are running MAPDL interactively, what message(s) do you see in the  output window? The MAPDL output window looks like this:If you are instead solving the model in batch mode, the message(s) will be in the output file. Is the frequency of excitation at or near a natural frequency of this very large plate? If not (if there is no dynamic amplification) then a static analysis should suffice (there would in this case be no need to solve as a transient). Is it your intention to predict either of the two phenomena (ratcheting or shakedown) using a Chaboche material model?


      Kind regards,


    • Yaseen Sh

      Hi Bill,

      Thanks for your reply. 
      Generally, I want to show the nonlinear behavior of the soil under cyclic loadings.
      I am using APDL. I have got this message (shown below).

      How can I define a Chaboche material model in APDL?



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