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nonlinear soil

    • Maryam Tabbakhh



      I made a model of three layers with linear and nonlinear material properties at the top middle box. Other layers are linear elastic. I used the material properties of 079. I put the stress-strain curve in the material properties. actually the nonlinear soil is surrounded by elastic soil and then I added PML. But the thing is that the waves reflect back to the domain. I applied a pulse in the middle point of the nonlinear soil but the animations shows that they reflect back and I compared the results with if the red box is linear soil and have the same material properties of the first layer and I attached the results. The results are so discouraging. Do you have any recommendation for me?

    • Ushnish Basu
      Ansys Employee

      I can offer only general advice on this forum - 

      The nonlinear material should behave linearly near the outer boundaries, and the elastic material properties of each elastic or PML layer should match the elastic properties of the corresponding non-linear material.

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