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normal stiffness

    • jmartinezs1992

      tengo una duda. ¿cual es un valor apropiado para el factor de "normal stiffness"?

      en mi modelo hay contacto entre acero y acero, pero me gustaria saber que valor de "normal stiffness" es apropiado para usar. Sin que el modelo pierda mucha precision. 


      ¿como funciona el factor "normal stiffness"? 

    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      This is extremely model and materials specific and is often determined using trial and error.

      This property appears when the Normal Stiffness property is set to Factor. It enables you to specify the Normal Stiffness Factor. Only non-zero positive values are supported. The usual factor range is from 0.01 - 10The default value is selected by the application. A smaller value provides for easier convergence but with more penetration. The default value is appropriate for bulk deformation. If bending deformation dominates, use a smaller value (0.01 - 0.1).

      See the help on this:

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      How to Access ANSYS Online Help

    • jmartinezs1992

      I can not open the content of the articles

    • peteroznewman

       Yes you can if you follow these directions which was the last link in Sandeep's reply.

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