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Normal Velocity

    • Nagaraj Prashanth Nednur

      Hallo Experts,

      As more and more usage of Expressions are used, I would like to calculate/create a variable for normal velocity on any given plane and use this variable for further post processing.

      There is already a built in function for dot product in Fluent. All i need is the dot product of velocity & normal vector on each cell to compute the normal velocity.

      Is it possible to achieve this without using any UDF's ?


      Thanks in advance,



    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If it's a mesh surface I think you'll need a UDF unless the facet normal is available in the Expression list of variables. For a post processing surface you're going to have more of an issue as they don't have normals. 

    • Nagaraj Prashanth Nednur

      After going through lots of manuals about fluent, the only possible way is to do some UDF programming in C. Everytime i think i am moving forward with Fluent.. It pushes me backwards. C Programming in 2023...Kidding.. Serioulsy dissapointed

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