Not able to get convergence using Explicit spatial and transient solver for shock tube flow.

    • Prem1996

      Hello Experts,

      I have been trying to simulate the one sided open 3D shock tube flow using Ansys fluent. Here are the details.

      Driver Pressure 6 bar and Driven Pressure is atmospheric.

      Model - Inviscid

      Solver - Density based transient with explicit spatial and transient formulation.

      Flux Type- AUSM

      Spatial discretization for gradient - least squares cell based and for flow - second order upwind.

      Courant Number - 0.5 even tried different numbers from 0.1 to 1.5

      Mesh Quality :- [Skewness :- max - 0.5, average - 0.031] [Orthogonal :- min - 0.73, average - 0.996 ]

      Elements are around 1 million and nodes are around 4 million. Elements order - quadratic.

      Boundary conditions :- Walls on the faces of shock tube and non reflected pressure outlet to the all faces of the ambient.

      Tried with different courant number but did not get the convergence even not a single time step converged. I attached the photograph of the residuals below and also attached the photo of mesh. So can anyone tell me how do I get convergence.

      Thank You.



    • Karthik R
      Hello,nWe have solved a similar 2D Sod Shock Tube problem. nPlease look at this example and see if your mesh and setup are aligned. I hope this helps.nKarthikn
    • Prem1996
      Thank you sir that is very very helpful. thank you so much.n
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