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Not able to split surface based on dimension

    • sherwin684

      I am having trouble on splitting a surface using the split tool. By default it shows me the position where I want to split. By using the percentage of the surface we want to split, we can do so. But the problem is, I am not able to split the surface according to the dimension I want. Since the maximum precision of the percentage is 0.1, i am able to split according to the suggested dimensions only.

      I need to change the splitting based on the dimensions. How do i do it ?Closest accuracy

       I need a split at 30.44 but the closest I am able to get is 30.39. If i go to 43.4%, it is greater than 30.44.

    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee


      You can press tab/ click on the dimension and enter the required value instead of entering the percentage. 

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