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Not consistent naming of geometry (surfaces, bodies) – problem for parametric design

    • MartinKoc

      I'm doing parametric design using Block Recording in SpaceClaim. I generated multiple design points which vary in several dimensions. Some DPs generated ok, some of them failed. After investigating what is the cause, I discovered that SpaceClaim sometimes selects wrong parts. For example there are two surfaces and Pull tool extrudes the wrong surface. I noticed the same problem with curves and bodies.

      So apparently the naming of geometry entities is not consistent for all design points. The problem is not in geometry - all my design points are similar, number of curves, surfaces is always the same so I don't understand why SpaceClaim sometimes names specific surface as face1, next time it is face2.

      I tried renaming the surface but the new name is only seen on Structure tree, in reality the surface is still called face1 so if I check the script of Extrude block, the first line of code is

      self.Selection = face1

      So, how to make sure naming of geometry entities will be consistent for all design points? Alternatively, another solution would be to tie selection to geometry properties, instead of name. So self.Selection is not face1, but it is a face with area greater than X mm2.

      I'm a student using ANSYS Academic Student 2021 R1.

    • peteroznewman
      I hope you get an answer to your questions. In the mean time, I suggest using DesignModeler to build Parametric geometry for generating multiple Design Points. I have found that to be more reliable for making parametric updates.
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