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Not enough HPC parallel licences


    • tomas.monopoli
      I am running HFSS on a virtual machine.
      Everything was working ok.
      Today when I try to run an analysis, I get the following error:
      not enough HPC parallel licences 12/4
      Does anyone know what could have happened?

      Thank you!
    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee
      How many HPC licenses are available to be used?
      You can perform a license status by running:
      C:\Program Files\AnsysEM\v221\Win64\licensingclient\winx64\ClientSettings\ClientSettings.exe
      What version are you running?
      Windows or Linux?
      Are there any errors listed in the *.out files under %TEMP%\.ansys directory?
      In AEDT, if you look at: Tool->Options->General Options, Verify that Use Electronics Pro, Premium, Enterprise product licensing is checked

    • tomas.monopoli


      I've just started using the VM again and I have re-encountered the same problem. 

      The version I am running is 2022R1 on Linux (Centos7).

      What would be the equivalent of %TEMP%/.ansys for the linux build?

      This option is indeed checked. 


      Also I have installed ANSYS on windows machines with the same licence server and these work correctly. Only the linux installation does not work. I had to set up AEDT with a silent installation. Can this have something to do with it?





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