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Number of nodes incoherent

    • Yassine Naffeti


      I am using PyMAPDL on python to process a modal analysis and optimize it. 
      I solved the same model previously on the software ANSYS Mechanical directly and the number of nodes was 616169 in the software. 
      Then I exported the simulation file using cdwrite with the option "ALL" containing all geometry, material property, load, and component data. Then I loaded it with python and solved it again but I get a small difference in the number of nodes, but the results like eigenfrequencies are the same. The problem is not only the number of nodes is different from what I could see on ANSYS Mechanical, it is also incoherent within some arrays/variables that I get from APDL. I will explain this more as follows, this is a python code: 

      1) print(mapdl.mesh) 

      ANSYS Mesh
        Number of Nodes:              616211
        Number of Elements:           322069
        Number of Element Types:      220
        Number of Node Components:    0
        Number of Element Components: 0

      2)  also when getting the number of nodes using mapdl.mesh.n_node it gives back the same number

      number_nodes = mapdl.mesh.n_node

      Output: 616211

      3) However when I store the nodes in an array the length of it which should correspond to the number of nodes is different from we got previously

      nodes = mapdl.mesh.nodes

      Output: 616256

      4) using mapdl.db.nodes 


      MAPDL Database Nodes
      Number of nodes: 616256
      Number of selected nodes: 616256
      Maximum node number: 616256

      5) and again when I retrieve the displacements for all the nodes I get an array not matching the number of nodes that I get previously from mapdl.mesh.nodes  ; I get the displacements for 616211 nodes only which is different from 616256

      all_displacements = mapdl.post_processing.nodal_displacement("ALL")
      Output: 616211

      To put you in context: this is causing me a problem because I have the coordinates of some points where I want to get the displacement. But first what I do is that I determine the closest node to the point and then get the displacement of it from the array all_displacement. But in this case the number of nodes is varying in this interval [1, 616256] and the displacements I get are for only for 616211 nodes. So let's say I want the displacement for the node number 600000, if I use the nodal displacement array that I get from postprocessing I don't know if it actually corresponds to the same node. 

      Every help is appreciated. Thank very much in advance. 

    • Aniket
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