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Number of Rows Picked in “External Data”


    • AMAH4002

      I am trying to do a FSI. Exported data from Fluent has more than 200 rows. But when I import the same in "External data", it only shows data for 11 rows. Does this mean, that data for locations is not picked OR it is just reflecting only partial data?

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      What you show is a preview of the data so it is just a visual preview aid to see and set the data correctly so it is not for sowing all of the data (just shows some data). So very likely all rows should have been imported even though we do not see them in that preview.
      You will be able to see the imported load (say imported pressure) and check if it has been imported ok inside mechanical.

      Also have in mind that we do not need external data for 1 or 2 way FSI with fluent (we can do it as shown below):

    • AMAH4002
      Thanq Very Much for your prompt response.
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