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Discovery Import

NV LINK for two GP100


    • alokiec


      does Ansys Discovery (or pure ANSYS) support NV LINK technology for the connection of two cards GP100 ?

    • Brian Bueno
      Ansys Employee


      Dual graphics cards are not supported at the current point in time.

      If you are using multiple display setup like two monitors, wherein one monitor is connected to GPU1 and second montiro to GPU2, then by default any app that runs on monitor 1 will utilize the GPU 1's resource and any application that are being run on monitor 2 will utilize the GPU2's resources.

      But if using two GPUs and only one monitor, the PC BIOS will primarily decide which GPU to be used, so generally the GPU connected to the PCIe slot closest to the processor will be utilized. Only if this GPU runs at high load, the additional load will be shared with the secondary GPU.

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