Discovery Import

Discovery Import

NX/Discovery AIM 2020 R2

    • jchokan


      I have noticed that our newest version of NX has a toolbar interface for AIM 2020R2, but after trying to import the currently-opened NX file into our AIM 2020R2 software, there is an error reading that the required license for this transfer is unavailable. Is this transfer feature between these two new? Is there a certain license of AIM 2020R2 needed? While looking at the released CAD compatibility chart for AIM 202R2, it seems the most recent release of NX file type supported is NX18.


    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Jchokan

      For importing NX files in AIM, you need a separate license called Discovery Ultimate Geometry Interface Bundle. You can check on your account page if you have this license or not.

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