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NX11 to ANSYS 17.1 trouble

    • joeyg
      I am having troubles importing my model from NX11 learning edition to ANSYS 17.1. I have tried the configuration to link them and run ANSYS directly from NX but it does not work.

      Any advice on how to get it to work? Any answers appreciated.

    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Joe,

      Are you using ANSYS student version ? Because I think student version doesn't support NX interface with ANSYS.

      Here is the list of 'reader' that is supported by student version


      Geometry Import:

      Neutral format import IGES, STEP

      Parasolid (native within ANSYS DesignModeler)


      Thank you,


    • pgl
      Ansys Employee

      Correct Win, the free Student products only support neutral file imports and Parasolid. The bi-directional geometry connections are not supported. 

      Joe: You should be able to export your geometry in Parasolid format from NX11, and you can then import that into the Student Product's "Geometry" application (Spaceclaim or DesignModeler) . However, note that you will need to insure that you adhere to the geometry limits of the student product, for example you can't import a thousand part assembly with tens of thousands of facets.   

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