Observing the effect of sending circularly polarized wave through the coil structure

    • yank4


      I sent the circularly polarized wave by editing sources, the process of changing sources is described here: https://forum.ansys.com/forums/topic/question-about-sending-polarized-wave-through-the-coil-structure/

      However after I asked around, I heard changing source does not affect S parameter value at all by HFSS current software. Is that true?

      For example, the pic shows S21 but the graph result did not change when I changed the phase in edit source section. However I want to see the effect of phase shift after editing the sources.  Does it confirm edit sources does not affect S parameter at all. If that true, what parameter can edit source change in the simulation? Is there any other way to send circularly polarized waves so I can see the effect of S parameter changes?

      Or is there any way without using S parameter so I can observed the field is circularly polarized?

      Also, Is there any documentation that helps understand the effect of circularly polarized waves? Thanks!




    • slouie
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Yank4,

      You're looking at passive S parameters which are not dependent upon how you have edit sources set. You can consider that the passive S parameters calculated by HFSS would be equivalent to what you'd measure if you hooked your device up to a network analyzer (note that there isn't a setting on the network analyzer for how to excite the ports (i.e., mag/phase input power). 

      If you plot E-field in your model and animate it with respect to phase, you should be able to observe differences that are dependent on your setup in Edit Sources. Field plots (3D or 2D) in HFSS will change with changes to Edit Sources. 

      Perhaps you should plot magnitude or phase of E instead of mag/phase of S.


    • yank4

      Hi Sara,

      Thank you so much!!!



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