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    • Pietro di Castri

      Good morning

      I am starting to learn the Electronic workbench. Hopefully the questions are well placed.
      I want to find a fluent tutorial for drawing the component, then place on the board.
      I see some examples but I keep on be dubious about some aspects.
      I think it is possible to sketch a connector having some metal and plastic parts. Once the model is placed on the
      PCB, the plastic parts probably are not relevant for the meshing. Will they be meshed anyway?
      But in another situation the encapsulation of the component could be solely estetic, being the component described by the 
      mathematics of the SParams or similar. If the component has some metal pins will they be meshed and participate to the simulation result?

      I am in doubt in what is the border line between a component described by the mathematics attached to the terminals, and the one having the geometry that will produce 
      the result.

      Just give me a guideline on what to expect in such situations.

      Thank You


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