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On calculating magnetic fields from electric fields

    • qk c

      Hello, When I run a 3D simulation in lumerical FDTD, a plane monitor records the distribution of complex amplitudes of Ex, Ey and Ez in the plane. But I forgot to record the distribution of the magnetic field Hx, Hy and Hz. Then I'm thinking could I calculate magnetic field. I tried to use the equation given in Calculating magnetic fields in far field projections – Ansys Optics . I found that I can easily calculate the partial derivative of field in the x and y directions, such as the partial derivative of Ez in the x direction is approximately equal to (Ez(n+1,:)-Ez(n,:))/(X(n+1,:)-X(n,:)). But how could I get the partial derivative of field in the z direction? Is there any command in fdtd that can simply derive the magnetic field distribution from the electric field distribution? Or, Is there any method to calculate?Thank you!

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      I believe this post has been replied in the Photonics forum. Unfortunately, you can only calculate the difference in the plane, but you cannot computer it out of plane as the monitor does not record the necessary data in the 3rd dimension.

      You will need to resimulate the file again.

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