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On the issue of using SPIsim to establish IBIS

    • Akira Tin

      hello everyone , Ansys team, i want get help for these issue:

      1. I found a demo tutorial on the internet that I can follow to establish IBIS through SPIsim. The tutorial provided by the demo is an Hspice input netlist
      The calling syntax of IBIS calls an IBIS model in a file, which defines two models, namely I/O and input. The demo is based on the IO model, and its definition is shown in the following figure
      I am curious that when I modify to another model within IBIS and modify the corresponding type, why is it impossible to complete the model establishment in SPIsim? In the fourth step of simulation, there is no AC, DC, transient, noise analysis prompt. I have seen the differences between these two models, and the second model does not have a description of Pulldown Pullup rising waveform falling waveform. Is this the reason for this?
      2. When I want to call IBIS-AMI, is the statement I use in Hspicen the same as the statement calling IBIS? Because I searched for a lot of information and couldn't find any examples of calling IBIS-AMI, but when I used the model AMI as the IBIS call statement, the simulation also reported an error message indicating that there were no AC, DC, noise analysis, and other errors. Can I ask if this is not possible?
      3. I would like to know if SPIsim can achieve the following idea: using SIwave to extract the S parameter and generate the. sp Hspice input netlist, which has sub circuits. After calling the IBIS-AMI model, I use the Xxxx Nnode1 Nnode2 subnet method to call the. sp sub circuit generated by the S parameter, in order to generate another IBIS model with IBIS-AMI as the excitation and S parameter simulation, Is it feasible to integrate IBIS-AMI and S parameters into a model?
      thank you   
      about these picture as flow
    • Dan Dv
      Ansys Employee

      To try and answer your questions:

      1. I'm not sure I follow of the othe questions you are asking. But to the last question if the second model is a "input" type buffer then ti should not have rising/falling v/t waveforms as those are only used by driviing buffer type. It would be syntactically incorrect to have those presnent in an input buffer.

      2. I suspect this is somethig that you would have to check with synopsys about. I can only really comment on running IBIS-AMI models in AEDT Circuit. 


      3. No, SPISim cannot drive an SIwave simulation and put together a HSPICE compatible netlist in this manner. You'd have to manually do the SIwave extraction and then export the Touchstone file or SPICE equivalent circuit model and than manually build up the netlist to include those with your SPISim produced IBIS-AMI model. Though, again, you can also build this up in AECT Circuit in the schematic without having to deal with netlists. 

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