OPEN CHANNEL VOF [Simulation of impact waves on stationary vessel]

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      Hi all, 

      As I am a beginner to Ansys Fluent, I would like to ask you a few questions. My purpose of the simulation is to analyze the pressure on the bow when the waves hit the model. However, as my waves approach the model, it looks like it has already dampened to a much lower wave height compared to the wave height at the initial inlet position (I am not sure of the reason why it happens). In addition, when I increase the number of waves, it looks like the wave height has been significantly increased as well (I am not sure why it happens)    In summary, I am trying to stimulate a regular wave with defined wave height and wavelength from the inlet to hit the model.     image.png

      My set-up is as follows: 

      1) Transient 

      2) VOF- Open-channel Flow, Open Channel BC, Implicit body force, Interfacial anti-diffusion.

      3) Phase 1 (air), Phase 2 (Water-liquid) 

      4) Boundary Conditions 

      - Atmosphere (Pressure Outlet, Without Open- channel)

      - Outlet (Pressure outlet, With open-channel) 

      - Velocity Inlet (Shallow water intermediate waves, Number of waves 3)  


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.  




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