Open Flow Channel in axissymetric pipe using VOF model

    • Francisco Javier Muñiz Gómez

      Dear Community,


      I am trying to study the following experiments using CFD:


      After many tries, I cannot manage to obtain the capillarity that takes place in the experiments. In my opinion, it's mainly because of the outlet boundary conditions.

      Some of my colleages have managed to obtain these results using OPENFOAM and implementing the outlet boundary condition  freestreamPressure, that makes the pressure gradient at the outlet null and the backflow of the particles zero.


      I am trying to perform this simulation in Fluent, but I don't know how to do it. I think that the correct approach is using the Open Flow Channel VOF model and impose an outflow BC, but I haven't had results.


      Could you please help me with this? Do you know if Open Flow Channel can be applied to axisymmetric pipes using an axisymmetric 2D model?


      Thanks in advance.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      I'm assuming you've turned on surface tension, gravity and wall adhesion? 

      Open channel is intended for river type flows (ie flow in a vaguely horizontal channel). Read up on the Operating Pressure, I suspect that needs to be checked. 

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