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OpenMPI with lsdyna mpp

    • Wasif Safdar


      I am trying to use OpenMPI with lsdyna mpp on linux. Here are the details:

      • OpenMPI version 1.10.7
      • lsdyna version Version : mpp s R13
      • Compiler Intel Fortran Compiler 19.0 SSE2

      The problem arises when I try to use $ mprun -np 2 /PathToExecutable/ansys231 pr=dyna i=input.k -lsdynampp, it starts two similar lsdyna processes instead of running lsdynampp on two processors. So I guess it is running mpirun to start the process, and then uses intel mpi to solve the actual simulation on the processors.

      How can I solve this problem?

    • Ushnish Basu
      Ansys Employee

      MPI by definition runs muitiple copies of the specified process, with appropriate communication between them. Whether those processes run on the same machine/node or not depends how the hostfile is specified, e.g. see the questions on hosts here:

      Also, doing a google search for "mpp bind to core" should take you to a page how to make sure LS-DYNA jobs don't migrate from core to core during a run

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