Operating pressure and temperature

    • giovanni_ianziti


      I`ve a closed volume with inside liquid (0.13 vol fract) and mixture of air and vapour (0.87).

      The pressure inside the volume is 20000 Pa, is this value the operating density?

      Is the operating temperature the minor value in the system? for example in my case I`ve a wall with a temperature of 10 C and is the minor (in the boundary conditions).

      I`m not using Boussinesq approximation so how can I decide the operating density? When can I neglect it?

      Thank you

    • Karthik R


      I'm moving this post to the 'Fluid Dynamics' thread for more traction.

      Operating temperature should be used only when you are using a Boussinesq approximation for natural convective flows. This is only valid when changes in density are small. You can use the minimum temperature in your system as this operating temperature. Please read more about this in the Fluent Users Guide (section - The Boussinesq Model).

      About operating density: please see the following screenshot.

      Please refer to the users guide for more details.

      I hope this helps.

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