OpticBuilder running error after installation

    • Dmytro Fedin

      Hello all,

      I've got an issue while installing and running OpticBuilder 23R1 release. I've successfully installed Creo (prerequisite) and OpticBuilder. But while running Creo I've got the following error message:

      After running troubleshooter I get the next message

      The installation package has been got from Ansys Customer Portal and is unlikely to have been damaged. I wonder what the reason could be.

      Any help would be appreciated

    • Vijay
      Ansys Employee

      Can you check if the three files listed in the screenshot exist in the respective path? 

    • Dmytro Fedin

      Hello Vujay,

      I've already checked. There are no files with these names in the shown path.

      Any thoughts except downloading from other sources and reinstallation?

    • Christophe Weisse

      Hello Dmytro,

      Sorry to hear about your issues, and for the delayed feedback. FYI, You can get a quicker technical feedback on Zemax products by opening a ticket in your Zemax account interface:


      Then, may I ask if you already sent us an e-mail with the troubleshooter results ? I can't find such a message in our support system.

      If the requested files are not in the specified folder, I'd then need to start with the basics, can you check the Creo8 version of OpticsBuilder is installed ? When you download the intallation package, there are actualy 5 installers in the .zip file; each one for a given Creo version 4,5,6,7,8.
      Also, which version of Creo are you using ?

    • Dmytro Fedin

      Hello Christophe,

      Sorry for the misunderstanding! Our customer requested support on behalf of his name. It has turned out that we have no appropriate license.

      Thanks for taking the time!

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