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    • Bei Tang

      How to import a .zbf file to OpticsStudio

    • Nicholas Herringer

      Hi Bei, 

      Following up on your post here, you can load .ZBF files in OpticStudio using the Physical Optics Propagation tool, located under the Analyze Tab. In the analysis window settings, under Beam Definition, select Beam Type: File and choose your .ZBF file from the File dropdown. Note that you'll need to save your .ZBF file in the POP folder, found by default at ...\Documents\Zemax\POP\BEAMFILES.

      That said, if you're new to Physical Optics Propagation, I'd recommend that you take a look at this article on the Zemax knowledgebase: Using Physical Optics Propagation (POP), Part 1: Inspecting the beams. It's the first of a three part series introducing the tool.

      Also, if you have further questions on using Zemax tools, I'd recommend that you post them to the Zemax Community Forum. For now, this hosted separately from the Ansys forums, but it has lots of resources and questions from other Zemax users. 

      Best Regards,

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