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Optimetrics failed when link demagnetized PM field source

    • qiang wei

      In the 1st model, I set the demagnetization calculation.

      In the 2nd one, which has the identical geometrical parameters with the 1st one, the demagnetization calculation was cancelled, and a PM field was added to link the 2nd with the 1st.

      I wanna do optimetrics (sweep different current amplitudes) in the 2nd by applying the demagneitzed PM field calculated in the 1st model.

      However, the 2nd calculation process always fails to get the results from the 1st one after running for several hours, and stopped randomly.


    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Qiang Wei,

             In 2nd model, do you do following steps? Linking is not in analysis ->setup. 

             1). Select PM from the history tree
             2). Menu item Maxwell 3D/2D → Excitations → Assign → Permanent Magnet Field…
             3). Check the radio button Demagnetization
             4). Click on Setup Link…
             5). Setup General, Variable Mapping, and Object Mapping tabs

             Please go to ALH, demagnetization, two step approach



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