optimiziation in ansys electronic or workbench

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      I have been trying to conduct the optimization in ansys maxwell through two way:

      (first through maxwell+workbench) I tried through importing the maxwell model in workbench and running through designxplorersetup under optimetrics. then, adding surface response, running design of experiments and finally running the optimization. This way, there is one advantagous which is ability to define several objective in optimization. While there is a huge disadvantage which is not being able to run parallel task running (HPC). Hence, the simulation time would be drastically high.

      (through Maxwell optimetrics) On the other hand, it is possible to run design of experiment in maxwell itself, under the optimetrics, but the optimization part only allows for one objective to be maximized or minimized (which is not an issue in the former method). The huge advantageous in this method is ability to run through HPC and multiple run in parallel.

      Does anyone know how to fix the problem of either case. My preference is doing it all in maxwell. attached is the error figure if you add two objective simultaneously

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