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LS Dyna

Output from viewtab—->Solid IED

    • shk1048
      I have used the method-->Use d3part database and defined d3part and d3plot was defined using a partset (non-design parts) and the timestep was made larger(only 3states) since d3plot is not important now but when I view the results of solid IED i can see only for the IED for 3 states. Is it that it is still considering d3plot and reading the results from it or it is taking the IED from d3part and just for visualization I have the timestep from d3plot.

    • Imtiaz Gandikota
      Ansys Employee

      It is possible LS-TaSC GUI is still calling d3plot instead of d3part for visualization. Note that only ls-tasc engine supports d3part, not user interface. Please use LS-PrePost to view results from d3part.

    • Mẫn Nhuận

      can you tell me, how can i download the LS-TASC version to use???


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