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Output stress results on structure Harmonic Acoustic

    • Carlos Pérez de Lema

      Hello, first post here. Usually I am able to find the responses to my questions in older posts, but I have not been able.


      Currently I'm studying the vibrations of a water turbine. I have perfomed a modal acoustic analysis to veify that the mode shape and frecuency coincides with the one meassured experimentally. My model is the turbine with a simplified 1D element axis with an acoustic body in the place of the water. The acoustic body is very important because it has a huge added mass effect due to it being confined to a small space. Rotor is no spinning in the simulation, so the natura frecuencies are calculated for the machine stopped.



      Modal Acousics is behaving as expected and the desired mode is found at the expected frecuency.



      What I am really interested in, is calculating the stresses on the structure. I have meassurements on the amplitude of the vibrations and was hoping to extrapolate those amplitudes into the model and obtaining a harmonic response calculation. Harmonic Acoustics shows the expected vibrations at the right excitation frecuency.


      The main problem is I am not able to get ANSYS to output the stress values on the structure like I'd be able to in an Harmonic Response. Clicking on the option in the output Controls Window does not work.




      Am I doing something wrong? Should I use some other kind of module? 


      Thank you in advance.


      ANSYS version is 2020 R2

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      Duplicate - use this post:


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