Output Variables with two arguments (i.e. deriv) in Ansys HFSS 19.1

    • l_smith

      I can't seem to set an output variable with two arguments. For me, I would like to calculate the group velocity from the complex propagation constant, so I would like to plot:

      GV = 1/deriv(im(Gamma(1)), 2*pi*Freq)

      According to the HFSS help documentation this should be possible:

      deriv(quantitySweepVariable) explicitly means derivative over the sweep variable specified in the second argument (such as "Freq").

      Except I can't get 'deriv' to work with any two arguments, meaning:

      deriv(Freq, Freq)


      also doesn't work. 'deriv(Freq)' (one argument) works fine using the primary sweep.



      Am I missing something obvious?

      Thanks for any help!


      note: I know I can use the group delay variable, but that's not what I want

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      I've checked, and this has been logged as a problem: you're (probably) not missing anything obvious. 

    • banaful2464

      I am having the same problem. Is there any solution?

    • l_smith
      I never heard anything else from this, I just ended up exporting the data then using Python to perform whatever operations that I wanted.

      Good luck!
    • KapilGavali
      is the above problem solved?n
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