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General Mechanical

/OUTPUT yields values of zero for getting EQV stress.

    • KevinG

      Hello everyone,

      So, I have a lattice structure comprised of a number of members using beam188. When I use the following code by typing into the command prompt;





      *GET, SVM_MAX, SECR, , S, EQV, Max



      I get the maximum equivalent stress for a selected member in my res.txt file. However, when I run this as an input from matlab, I get the following error in res.txt;


      The requested beam or pipe data is not available.  Parameter SVM_MAX will be set to zero.  


      It's strange because it works fine on another version of Ansys, however I don't have access to this version. Can anyone help?



    • KevinG

      Found the solution. For some reason, no etable data is available when running distributed computing. I manually changed to shared-memory parallel and this solved the issue. This link was very helpful;

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