Parallel Meshing in Icepak

    • upot2


      I currently have a 32 core processor and am trying to mesh a body in Icepak. While solving, I can see I have the option of choosing the number of processors by clicking the advanced tab in parallel settings. However, while meshing I see my computer uses only 1 core despite me choosing 8 cores for solving. I have attached an image of my computer's task manager where it shows only 1 core being used 100 % while the others are hardly being used. This makes meshing time consuming and so I was wondering if there is a separate way to specify the number of cores to be used for parallel meshing in Icepak? 




    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      I don't believe so. Most of the meshing tools are serial only (at present). For the Student version this shouldn't take too long as you've only got about 500k cells available. 

    • Satyajeet Padhi
      Ansys Employee

      Hi upot2


      Parallel settings are used only for solution. Meshing is not parallelized as rwoolhou pointed out. Also, for the student version it shouldn't take too long to mesh as you are limited to 500K cells. 

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